On 10/07/2013 10:57 AM, Anne Gentle wrote:
Hi, I'd like to propose myself to serve on the Technical Committee for the upcoming election term.

== Who Am I? ==

I volunteer my best for OpenStack every day, and will continue to do so in the coming term. I currently serve as Documentation Program Lead and have been working on OpenStack at Rackspace since September 2010. My PTL candidacy statement is available at [1]. We continually improve the documentation by applying better processes and resources all the time, treating the documentation like the fast-moving code itself. We also serve the many audiences interested in OpenStack, deployers, operators, administrators, architects, cloud consumers, users and developers. I believe that participating companies who employ OpenStack coders should also dedicate technical documentation resources, and am pleased to see member companies are getting the message and creating and recruiting for those positions.

== Why Am I Technical Enough for the TC? ==

I try to provide support through the docs in any way I can, by answering questions on IRC, Disqus doc comments, and on <>. My breadth and depth of knowledge is across OpenStack because of my role as Doc PTL.

I learn quickly and gather facts before passing judgement. In the last year, I have given fair attention to each incubation request and have tried to evaluate from the point of view of the audiences the docs serve.

I have built relationships across all of the OpenStack projects, giving doc platform and tooling support. I review doc patches from the perspective of all audiences, constantly asking for improvement.

During TC meetings, I ask the right questions and listen to the answers, asking further questions when my experience or vocabulary is lacking in an area. I admit when I don't know something. I work hard to earn trust and respect.

My goal is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for projects while making OpenStack better for users and admins all the time. We are so fortunate to have the explosive growth and interest in OpenStack, and I want it to continue. We have built upon incredible ideas and I want us to be empowered to innovate.

I believe by serving on the Technical Committee I can continue to support OpenStack in meaningful ways.

Thanks for your attention, and thanks for all the important work that YOU, the members of our community, bring every day to this project.



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