Recently in the TripleO meeting we identified situations where we need
to make it very clear that it is ok to pick up somebody else's patch
and finish it. We are broadly distributed, time-zone-wise, and I know
other teams working on OpenStack projects have the same situation. So
when one of us starts the day and sees an obvious issue with a patch,
we have decided to take action, rather than always -1 and move on. We
clarified for our core reviewers that this does not mean that now both
of you cannot +2. We just need at least one person who hasn't been in
the code to also +2 for an approval*.

I think all projects can benefit from this model, as it will raise
velocity. It is not perfect for everything, but it is really great when
running up against deadlines or when a patch has a lot of churn and thus
may take a long time to get through the "rebase gauntlet".

So, all of that said, I want to encourage all OpenStack developers to
say "thanks for fixing my patch" when somebody else does so. It may seem
obvious, but publicly expressing gratitude will make it clear that you
do not take things personally and that we're all working together.

Thanks for your time -Clint

* If all core reviewers have been in on the patch, then any two +2's

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