Cheers Sean

I will take a look at the wiki and update accordingly. I took a look at your 
BP, its right along the lines of what I feel is also needed and what we are 
planning to submit (being finalised as I write this email) though we are also 
adding some additional QoS attributes to be supported based on OVS as one 
source.  I took a look at your API and the BP we are going to submit is very 
much inline and complementary to yours hence why I think we can actually 
combine them and do a joint pitch on least that’s my thinking on it!

Will send BP as soon as its finalised ;-)


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On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 03:45:29PM +0000, Alan Kavanagh wrote:
> Will hopefully submit that really soon. Perhaps we can look at combining both 
> of them and discuss this in Hong Kong as I have looked over your BP and I can 
> see some benefit in combining them both.

Hi Alan,

That sounds great - the objective of my BP was to try and make a QoS API 
extension that was flexible enough that everyone could make their own 
implementation. At this point, this is accomplished through storing key/value 
pairs that are linked back to a QoS object, via the policies attribute (which 
maps to the qos_policies table), that stores implementation specific 

There is also a wiki page, that has some useful links:

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