Hi all,

Being a bit familiar with both SQLAlchemy and sqlalchemy-migrate, I decided
to check the issue with running of migrations tests in Nova with SQLAlchemy
0.8.x. Long story is here:

1. It's really the issue with sqlalchemy-migrate and has nothing to do with
2. sqlalchemy-migrate DOES seem to support SQLAlchemy 0.8.x, but, I
believe, we are going to face more and more similar issues.
3. It's downgrade, so it should be a minor issue for packaging of new
OpenStack release in Debian.
4. Everyone's life would be much easier, if we dropped migrations support
for SQLite. Alembic doesn't support ALTER for SQLite at all on purpose. And
I would really like us to switch to using of Alembic in the following

I'll try to fix this in sqlalchemy-migrate and maybe we could release the
fix later.


On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 6:31 PM, Thomas Goirand <z...@debian.org> wrote:

> On 10/17/2013 09:11 PM, Monty Taylor wrote:
> > I understand what you are saying and I also understand your frustration.
> > However, OpenStack does not, as of yet, support SQLAlchemy 0.8, and as
> > you can see, the requirements file does, in fact, communicate reality,
> > we depend on <0.8.
> It does, at the exception of this little issue when running in Sid with
> SQLite 3.
> > I support the bug being fixed and the requirement being raised, but it
> > has to happen in that order.
> Sure!
> >> So yes, we need a fix for the above problem, and Nova needs to support
> >> SQLAlchemy 0.8.2 which is what we have in Sid [1]. If I remember well,
> >> there's also the problem on RPM based systems. BTW, it looks like it is
> >> an isolated unique problem, and it seems to be the only one left in this
> >> release of OpenStack. It is also new (Nova Havana B3 didn't have the
> >> issue). So I really think it shouldn't be hard to fix the problem.
> >>
> >> Also, note that the issue isn't only in Debian, it's also a problem for
> >> Ubuntu 2013.10, which also has SQLAlchemy 0.8.2. [2]
> >
> > Fascinating. What have they done to make that work?
> I'm not sure what you are talking about, since I don't agree that
> OpenStack doesn't work with SQLAlchemy 0.8.2 (apart from this one bug).
> > And why has none of
> > that work made it into OpenStack so that we could raise the SQLAlchemy
> > requirement?
> If you didn't know, I already have Grizzly (currently in Sid) working
> with SQLAlchemy 0.8.2... (I just backported from Havana to Grizzly a few
> patches from upstream, namely for Cinder and Heat IIRC.) These were
> reported by me during this summer, and fixed in July for all projects,
> and just right before Havana B3 for Heat.
> >> I really hope that for the next release cycle, the above will be taken
> >> into consideration, and that someone will come up with a fix quickly for
> >> this release. Maybe *now* is time to switch the gate to SQLAlchemy 0.8.2
> >> for the Icehouse branch?
> >
> > Can't change the req until it works - but yes, I agree with you, we
> > clearly need to upgrade.
> Let's have that one fixed, and let's switch...
> > Thanks for you help and attention Thomas! I appreciate all the work!!!
> My pleasure! :)
> Thomas
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