Russell Bryant <> wrote on 30/10/2013 10:20:34 AM:
> On 10/30/2013 03:13 AM, Alex Glikson wrote:
> > Maybe a more appropriate approach could be to have a tool/script that
> > does it, as a one time thing.
> > For example, it could make sense in a scenario when Nova DB gets lost 
> > corrupted, a new Nova controller is deployed, and the DB needs to be
> > recreated. Potentially, since Nova DB is primarily a cache, this could
> > be done by 'discovery' (maybe with some manual intervention) - instead
> > of dealing with backup/restore of the DB, or similar approaches.
> The need for this sort of thing makes more sense for traditional
> datacenter virtualization, but not as much for cloud.  That's the root
> of my objection.

Not sure I understand why.. Do you assume that the cloud necessarily runs 
stateless workloads, so that loosing VM instances is not an issue? (what 
about volumes that could've been attached to them?) Or do you assume that 
cloud is necessarily deployed in HA configuration that never gets broken?

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