On 13-10-30 10:37 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
This is a bit of a social norms thread....

I've been consistently asking for tests in reviews for a while now,
and I get the occasional push-back. I think this falls into a few
broad camps:

A - there is no test suite at all, adding one in unreasonable
B - this thing cannot be tested in this context (e.g. functional tests
are defined in a different tree)
C - this particular thing is very hard to test
D - testing this won't offer benefit
E - other things like this in the project don't have tests
F - submitter doesn't know how to write tests
G - submitter doesn't have time to write tests

Now, of these, I think it's fine not add tests in cases A, B, C in
combination with D, and D.

I don't think E, F or G are sufficient reasons to merge something
without tests, when reviewers are asking for them. G in the special
case that the project really wants the patch landed - but then I'd
expect reviewers to not ask for tests or to volunteer that they might
be optional.

Now, if I'm wrong, and folk have different norms about when to accept
'reason X not to write tests' as a response from the submitter -
please let me know!


I recently hit option A for nodepool. My patch was accepted, but I didn't know where to start for adding the testsuite for the project.

So, that said, if option A keeps coming up, then I think the obvious choice is development needs to refocus to take the option of the table.

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