I'd like to check in on the status of this API addition:

The last comment is:

   "propose against stackforge as discussed at summit?"

I don't see a session about this and from a quick look, don't see notes
related to it in other session etherpads.

When was this discussed?  Can you summarize it?

Last I heard, this was just being deferred to be merged early in
Icehouse [1].

This is blocking one of the most important security features for
OpenStack, IMO (trusted messaging) [2].  We've been talking about it for
years.  Someone has finally made some real progress on it and I feel
like it has been given little to no attention.

I'm not thrilled about the prospect of this going into a new project for
multiple reasons.

 - Given the priority and how long this has been dragging out, having to
wait for a new project to make its way into OpenStack is not very appealing.

 - A new project needs to be able to stand on its own legs.  It needs to
have a reasonably sized development team to make it sustainable.  Is
this big enough for that?

What's the thinking on this?


Russell Bryant

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