On 3/8/2017 4:19 AM, Balazs Gibizer wrote:

Honestly, If searchlight needs to be adapted to the versioned
notifications then the smallest thing to change is to handle the removed
prefix from the event_type. The biggest difference is the format and the
content of the payload. In the legacy notifications the payload was a
simply json dict in the versioned notification the payload is a json
serialized ovo. Which means quite a different data structure. E.g. extra
keys, deeper nesting, etc.


Heh, yeah, I agree. Thanks for the confirmation and details. I was just making sure I had this all straight since I was jumping around from specs and docs and code quite a bit yesterday piecing this together and wanted to make sure I had it straight. Plus you don't apparently work 20 hours a day gibi so I couldn't ask you in IRC. :)



Matt Riedemann

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