Stephen Watson has been working on an magnum feature to add magnum commands to 
the openstack client by implementing a plugin:

In review of this work, a question has resurfaced, as to what the client 
command name should be for magnum related commands. Naturally, we’d like to 
have the name “cluster” but that word is already in use by Senlin. Stephen 
opened a discussion with Dean Troyer about this, and found that “infra” might 
be a suitable name and began using that, and multiple team members are not 
satisfied with it. The name “magnum” was excluded from consideration because 
OSC aims to be project name agnostic. We know that no matter what word we pick, 
it’s not going to be ideal. I’ve added an agenda on our upcoming team meeting 
to judge community consensus about which alternative we should select:

Current choices on the table are:

  * c_cluster (possible abbreviation alias for container_infra_cluster)
  * coe_cluster
  * mcluster
  * infra

For example, our selected name would appear in “openstack …” commands. Such as:

$ openstack c_cluster create …

If you have input to share, I encourage you to reply to this thread, or come to 
the team meeting so we can consider your input before the team makes a 



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