I am testing the neutron l2gw plugin for production use.

I found a bug, that I think is either a design problem or feature that
is not implemented.

When we configure the l2gateways with the Openstack API, some state is
stored in the mysql database, and the neutron-l2gateway-agent implements
this changes in the OVSDB of the l2gw node.

AFAIK the neutron-l2gateway-agent acts only when triggered by an API
call. If you reboot this service, there is no check between the state
stored in the mysql database, and the actual state of the l2gw node.

Now if the l2gw node is a real switch, and it brakes so that you have to
replace it with a new chassis (real production use-case), you will end
up with some state in the mysql database, and a empty OVSDB on the
switch, and there is no way to resync the OVSDB.

I even tried to delete stuff using the API commands 'neutron
l2-gateway-delete' or 'neutron l2-gateway-connection-delete', but I get
python stacktraces in logs, because it tries to delete stuff from the
OVSDB of the switch that is already empty.. and you are stuck.

Can anyone clarify if what I say is right ?
Do you think I should open a bug about this ?

thanks for the feedback


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