On 10 April 2017 at 10:16, Thierry Carrez <thie...@openstack.org> wrote:
> All the candidates are top community members with a lot of
> responsibilities on their shoulders already. My experience tells me that
> it is easy to overestimate the time we can dedicate to Technical
> Committee matters, and how much we can push and get done in six months
> or one year. At the same time, our most efficient way to make progress
> is always when someone "owns" a particular initiative and pushes it
> through the governance process.

I am not productive during the TC meeting, its too late for me to
think properly. Similarly much of the travel I have had to skip
(partly due to the personal cost, more recently due to budget
constraints) feels like it has limited my involvement with the TC over
the past year. I want to help make us a more globally welcoming group.

I have found it very hard to pick TC related efforts, work out what
others are doing, what is urgent vs important. I believe the TC vision
will help with that massively.

My recent focus has been around the TC vision, and SWG efforts. More
generally, I have been looking at Nova reaching out to related
projects, like Keystone, Cinder and Neutron, and helping to break down
the silos a little. That has lead me to look at creating the VM and
Baremetal working group, getting groups of projects to get feedback
together. If it works, it might be a pattern other constellations of
projects could copy. While that is just "Nova" work, I hope to share
success and failures to help other collaboration efforts.

> So my question is the following: if elected, how much time do you think
> you'll be able to dedicate to Technical Committee affairs (reviewing
> proposed changes and pushing your own) ?

I hope to spend a minimum of 10% of my work time on TC related
efforts, regardless of being elected or not.

If elected, I hope to increase that to at least 20%.

> If there was ONE thing, one
> initiative, one change you will actively push in the six months between
> this election round and the next, what would it be ?

The TC vision.

Lets reach out to get feedback to help refine and revise the vision.
Then lets get it agreed, and start the work to make it reality.

After we have that agreed, I think my focus will turn to the feedback
loops in our community. By that I mean helping breaking down the silos
between the different groups of developers in our community, between
developers vs users, and so on. The VM & Baremetal group is my latest
push in that general direction. The long term aim being improving the
user experience for all the different users of all the various
constellations in OpenStack.


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