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> So my question is the following: if elected, how much time do you think
> you'll be able to dedicate to Technical Committee affairs (reviewing
> proposed changes and pushing your own) ? If there was ONE thing, one
> initiative, one change you will actively push in the six months between
> this election round and the next, what would it be ?

In the last six months of my abbreviated term on the TC I was able to
increase the amount of time I was able to spend on TC work, and most
of that time went toward the work for additional language supprot, and
specifically golang support with the creation of the Golang Consistent
Testing Interface.

I plan to continue that work whether I am re-elected to the TC or not.
There has been a lot of concern expressed regarding the community
impact of any alternate languages.  Specific experiences with projects
that have already been down that path (eg Horizon with Javascript)
indicate that these concerns can not be ignored.  Part of the
challenge is to not create a situation where the resulting
multi-language environment is totally foreign to any of the
communities involved.  We already have some of that problem in
OpenStack with the broader Python community (I'm looking at you, pbr),
I want to work to minimize that for the new environments and their
existing communities, but also for an OpenStack developer to feel
comfortable and for OpenStack practices to be as consistent as
possible to minimize the pain of moving among our projects.  This is a
tricky proposition but is even trickier without conscious and
intentional coordination.

Some of my other priorities for the TC include refining OpenStack's
identity and focus as we continue to adjust to our current realities.
I was excited to see the TC vision proposal released for general
comment and think this is a great opportunity to come together on
goals and ideals for our future.  Please read it if you have not
already!  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453262



Dean Troyer

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