Hi All,

There is tempest tests for compute baremetal GET nodes tests[1]. This
tests involve ironic and nova. Ironic to create baremetal nodes and
then GET nodes using nova APIs.
Nova only provides GET APIs for baremetal nodes which are already
deprecated [2].

As nova baremetal APIs are deprecated and test needs Ironic to be
present and so ironic baremetal service client,  we propose to remove
this test from tempest[3]. We have coverage of that feature/API in
ironic tempest plugin for node GET/POST and nova API in nova
functional tests[4].

I have been objecting this in past but now I feel its not worth to
test this in Tempest due to its complexity of Ironic requirement.
This is part of tempest tests removal standard, feel free to let us
know in case of any objection.

..3 https://review.openstack.org/#/c/449158/


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