Dear List, 
I am trying to do SLO upload of large object. The naming convention of the 
segmentswill include a timestamp. The scenario I tried is described below:1. 
Created container 2. Used CURL command to upload segments.3. Uploaded the 
manifest file. Result looks some what like this
# swift list 
--> 32MBmyobject/slo/1491893023.559000/36700160/33554432/00000001  --> 3 MB
4. Again uploaded few segments to same container with same object name5. 
Uploaded the manifest file again with newly added segments.
Result# swift list 
  --> 32MBmyobject/slo/1491893211.561000/36700160/33554432/00000001  --> 3 MB
What must be the expected content length of the manifest file ?
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