I have the following configuration in savanna.conf:

# If set to True, Savanna will use floating IPs to communicate
# with instances. To make sure that all instances have
# floating IPs assigned in Nova Network set
# "auto_assign_floating_ip=True" in nova.conf.If Neutron is
# used for networking, make sure that all Node Groups have
# "floating_ip_pool" parameter defined. (boolean value)

# Use Neutron or Nova Network (boolean value)

# Use network namespaces for communication (only valid to use in conjunction
# with use_neutron=True)

  My nova.conf file DOES NOT have auto_assign_floating_ip set to "True".

  My dashboard local settings file explicitly sets AUTO_ASSIGNMENT_ENABLED = 

  Yet, the spawned VMs are generated with a floating IP:

[root@cn082 savanna(keystone_demo)]# nova list
| ID                                   | Name           | Status | Networks     
| e32572ae-397b-4a61-9562-7a52fe6cd738 | dc1-master-001 | ACTIVE | 
private=, |
| da50a103-0f64-4b33-9bd1-586e8b1c981c | dc1-slave-001  | ACTIVE | 
private=, |

  Any idea how this may be the case?

-- Jon

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