On Fri, May 19 2017, Mehdi Abaakouk wrote:

> Not really, I just put some comments on reviews and discus this on IRC.
> Since nobody except Telemetry have expressed/try to get rid of eventlet.

TBH Keystone get rid of it too. But they only provide WSGI servers. They
don't build any daemon so they don't need and user either Cotyledon nor
oslo.service. :)

> Because the internal of cotyledon and oslo.service are so different.
> Having the code in oslo or not doesn't help for maintenance anymore.
> Cotyledon is a lib, code and bugs :) can already be shared between
> projects that doesn't want eventlet.

Cotyledon is explicitly better just by being out of Oslo, because it's
usable by the whole Python ecosystem. :)

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