> Just a couple things (I don't think it changes the decision made).
> Cryptography does at least claim to support PyPy (see
> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cryptography/ trove identifiers), so
> possibly a bug on their end that should get filed?
> Also, our user clients should probably run under as many interpreters as
> possible to make life easier for end users; however, they currently
> depend on oslo and if oslo doesn't support pypy then likely not
> reasonable to do in user clients.
> Clark

This looks like it may be due to the version of pypy packaged for Xenial.

The pypi info for cryptography does state PyPy 5.3+ is supported. The latest
package I see for 16.04 is pypy/xenial-updates 5.1.2+dfsg-1~16.04.

Is there a way we can get a newer version loaded on our images? I would be
fine testing against it, though the lack of oslo support does give a high
risk that something else may break once we get past the cryptography issue.


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