Thank you for all your hard work! It was a great 4 cycles. I hope, after
you take some rest you'll be elected for PTL later.

Ivan Kolodyazhny,

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 2:05 PM, Sean McGinnis <>

> Hey everyone,
> So this isn't an "I'm stepping down at the end of this cycle" message, but
> it is an encouragement for anyone thinking about running to step forward.
> I'm fine with running again if needed. Pike is my 4th cycle as PTL, and I
> think by now I've gotten the hang of most of it. But four cycles is more
> than I had intended to do, and I do think it would be good for the project
> to have some variety.
> If you've been thinking about running but didn't want to "offend" me by
> running against me or anything like that, please don't worry about it. We
> have a good team and I think it is a healthy thing to switch up the lead
> role once and awhile.
> All that said, if no one else is in a position at the moment where they
> can do this (job situation, other life commitments - please do think
> about this!) then I'm certainly up for another round.
> Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or want any input. I would
> be glad to help.
> Thanks!
> Sean
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