On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 11:01:23PM +0000, Jeremy Stanley wrote:

> Yes, it comes up often enough and as far as I'm aware reviewers
> haven't previously rejected unofficial projects who want to receive
> requirements updates. There are definitely projects who don't want
> to (or for license reasons perhaps even can't) be official teams but
> would still like their dependencies to remain compatible with those
> of official OpenStack deliverables.

Thanks.  I know you aren't suggesting altering the ability for OpenStack
Hosted projects to participate in the requirements process but I want to
go on the records saying ....

I see having OpenStack Hosted projects syncing from requirements as a
big plus and I'd be pretty down on any move to reject them.  I'd also
resist any process change that makes it harder for Hosted projects (as
opposed to Governed projects) to participate in the requirements

At this point it's hard for the affected teams to even see this thread
as there isn't an easy way to identify them.

Yours Tony.

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