Sean Dague wrote:
> Agreed. We're already at 5 upgrade tags now?
> I think honestly we're going to need a picture to explain the
> differences between them. Based on the confusion that kept seeming to
> come during discussions at the PTG, I think we need to circle around and
> figure out if there are different ways to explain this to have greater
> clarity.

In the TC/SWG room we reviewed the tags, and someone suggested that any
tag that doesn't even have one project to apply it to should probably be

That would get us rid of 3 of them: supports-accessible-upgrade,
supports-zero-downtime-upgrade, and supports-zero-impact-upgrade (+
supports-api-interoperability which has had little support so far).

They can always be resurrected when a project reaches new heights?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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