On 12/10/2013 09:57 AM, Sergey Lukjanov wrote:

we have a concern about the correct catalog type naming for projects
who'd like to have a name like "data processing". It looks like space
char is not the best choice, so, mainly we're trying to choose between
'-' and '_'. Currently only only swift has an catalog type named with
'-': 'object-store' and other projects are avoiding separators
('cloudformation') or just doesn't have such need. So, we have a concern
about the correct naming of savanna catalog type ('data_processing' is
currently used in devstack).

Are there any thoughts on it?

Thank you!

P.S. Personally, I'm thinking about 'data_processing' because I prefer
the '_' in names and it was already landed to the devstack as part of
savanna support. In addition 'keystone service-create
--name=data_processing' looks more readable for me.

Hi Sergey,

Unless there's a good reason, I think it's probably best to stick with the existing convention (using '-' instead of '_'). I think in these cases, consistency trumps preference :)

All the best,

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