Thierry Carrez wrote:
Flavio Percoco wrote:
On 27/11/17 13:14 -0600, Jimmy McArthur wrote:
Joshua Harlow wrote:
With say an editor that solicits (and backlogs topics and stories
and such) various developers/architects at various companies and
creates a actually human curated place for developers and technology
and architecture to be spot-lighted.

To me personal blogs can be used for this, sure, but that sort of
misses the point of having a place that is targeted for this (and no
I don't really care about finding and subscribing to 100+ random joe
blogs that I will never look at more than once). Ideally that place
would not become `elitist` as some others have mentioned in this
thread (ie, don't pick an elitist editor? lol).

The big desire for me is to actually have a editor (a person or
people) involved that is keeping such a blog going and editing it
and curating it and ensuring it gets found in google searches and is
*developer* focused...
This is basically what is for. It's
using Wordpress. It's developer-centric. Anyone can submit to it and
we have editors that can publish it. We also have pretty solid SEO.
Interestingly enough, not many folks are (were) aware of this. It was not
brought up during the discussion at the forum. I'm glad you did, though.

If we already have a platform for this then I would say we need to
promote it
more and find someone (Josh? ;) that will actively seek for content.

Thanks for pointing us to o.o/blog, Jimmy.

Historically blog.o.o used to be our only blog outlet, so almost
anything would go in:

"OpenStack Events Sponsorship Webinar"
"New Foundation Gold Members&  Corporate Sponsors"
"HP Announces Private Beta Program for OpenStack Cloud"
"2016 OpenStack T-Shirt Design Contest"

What Josh wants is a curated technical blog, so if we reused blog.o.o
for this (and I think it's a good idea), we'd likely want to have a bit
more rules on what's appropriate.

Agreed. It's almost solely used for developer digest now and isn't frequently updated. Most of the promotion of sponsors and news goes into o.o/News, SuperUser, or one of our other marketing channels. It's a good time for the community to repurpose it :)

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