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On 20/12/17 09:29, Joshua Harlow wrote:
Zane Bitter wrote:
Getting off-topic, but since you walked in to this one ;)

On 14/12/17 21:43, Matt Riedemann wrote:
What are the real problems that the Nova team is not working on and
apparently is a priority to everyone else in the OpenStack ecosystem
but we are somehow oblivious?

* Providing a secure channel to get credentials to guests so that
applications running on them can authenticate to OpenStack APIs.

* Providing reliable, user-space notifications of events that may
require application or application-operator intervention (e.g. VM
reboot, hypervisor died, &c.).

I'll add on.

* Clear workflow state (and transition) 'machine' that is followed in
code and can be used by operators/others such as UI developers to get
a view on what nova is or is not doing (may fit under the broad topic
of observability?)

Take for example
http://flower.readthedocs.io/en/latest/screenshots.html and ask
yourself why nova-compute (or nova-conductor or nova-scheduler...)
doesn't have an equivalent kind of 'viewer' (and no it doesn't need to
be flower, that's just an example...)

That's one of the changes we (at least me and Rob Cresswell) would like
to improve in Horizon. The idea is services (Nova, Cinder, Nutron, etc)
putting notifications into Zaqar queue and then Horizon can easily get
the resources status instead of doing stupid polling. And it could be
easily doing the thing shown on above link.

What you're talking about is really an expansion of my second item above. What Josh means is using the taskflow library to co-ordinate all of the steps involved internally to Nova to boot an instance (scheduling, attaching volumes & ports, actually creating the VM, &c.) - it's not really a user-space thing.

To answer the question from your other mail about user-space notifications:

We (Zaqar team) have been asked many times about this area but without a
support from more services, it's hard. I know Heat has some best
practice using Zaqar, is it possible to "copy" it to Nova/Cinder/Neutron?

Sure, it would be dead easy, but Nova cores have made it abundantly clear that under no circumstances would they ever accept any code like this in Nova. Hence it's on this list.


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