On 02/02/2018 09:52 AM, Adam Spiers wrote:
Dear Stackers,

Since git and Gerrit are at the heart of our development process, I am
passing on this very sad news from the git / Gerrit communities that
Shawn Pearce has passed away after an aggressive lung cancer.

Shawn was founder of Gerrit / JGit / libgit2 / git-gui, and the third
most prolific contributor to git itself.

https://public-inbox.org/git/CAP8UFD0aKqT5YXJx9-MqeKCKhOVGxninRf8tv30=hkgvmhg...@mail.gmail.com/T/#mf5c158c68565c1c68c80b6543966ef2cad6d151c https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/repo-discuss/B4P7G1YirdM/discussion

He is survived by his wife and two young sons.  A memorial fund has
been set up in aid of the boys' education and future:


Thank you Shawn for enriching our lives with your great contributions
to the FLOSS community.


OpenStack would not be where it is today without Shawn's work.

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Hi Luca, that's such sad news :-(  What an incredible contribution
Shawn made to the community.  In addition to Gerrit, I use git-gui and
gitk regularly, and also my git-deps utility is based on libgit2.  I
had no idea he wrote them all, and many other things.

I will certainly donate and also ensure that the OpenStack community
is aware of the memorial fund.  Thanks a lot for letting me know!

Luca Milanesio <l...@gerritforge.com> wrote:
Hi Adam,
you probably have received this very sad news :-(
As GerritForge we are actively supporting, contributing and promoting the donations to Shawn's Memorial Fund (https://www.gofundme.com/shawn-pearce-memorial-fund) and added a donation button to GerritHub.io <http://gerrithub.io/>.

Feel free to spread the sad news to the OpenStack community you are in touch with.
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> > Dear Gerrit community,
> > I am very saddened to report that Shawn Pearce, long-time Git contributor and founder of the Gerrit Code Review project, passed away over the weekend after being diagnosed with lung cancer last year. He spent his final days comfortably in his home, surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues. > > Shawn was an exceptional software engineer and it is impossible to overstate his contributions to the Git ecosystem. He had everything from the driving high-level vision to the coding skills to solve any complex problem and bring his vision to reality. If you had the pleasure of collaborating with him on code reviews, as I know many of you did, you've seen first-hand his dedication and commitment to quality. You can read more about his contributions in this recent interview <https://git.github.io/rev_news/2017/08/16/edition-30/#developer-spotlight-shawn-pearce>. > > In addition to his technical contributions, Shawn truly loved the open-source communities he was a part of, and the Gerrit community in particular. Growing the Gerrit project from nothing to a global community with hundreds of contributors used by some of the world's most prominent tech companies is something he was extremely proud of. > > Please join me in remembering Shawn Pearce and continuing his legacy. Feel free to use this thread to share your memories with the community Shawn loved. > > If you are interested, his family has set up GoFundMe page <https://www.gofundme.com/shawn-pearce-memorial-fund> to put towards his children's future.
> > Best wishes,
> Dave Borowitz
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