Hey all,

Sending this kind of late on a Friday, but I will also include this information
in the weekly countdown email. Just hoping to increase the chances of it
getting seen.

One of our release models is cycle-with-intermediary. With this type of
project, the projects are able to do full releases at any time, with the
commitment "to produce a release near the end of the 6-month development cycle
to be used with projects using the other cycle-based release models".

Ideally, this means these projects will have one or more releases during the
development cycle, and will have a final release leading up to the RC1
deadline. This "final" release is then used to cut a stable/queens branch for
the project.

Well, the RC1 milestone is coming up next Thursday, and we have a few projects
following this release model that have not done any release yet for Queens.
There are other projects that have done a Queens release, but it has been
awhile since those were done, so we're not really sure if they are intended to
be the last official release for Queens.

For those without a release - if nothing is done in time - the release team
will need to force a release off of HEAD to be able to create the stable/queens

For those with old Queens releases - unless we hear otherwise, we will need to
use the point of that last release to cut stable/queens for those repos.

The release team would rather not be the ones to decide when projects are
released, nor be the ones to decide what becomes stable/queens for these
projects. Please make every effort to release and/or branch these projects
before next Thurday's deadline.

The projects with existing but old Queens releases are:

- swift
- storlets
- monasca / monasca-log-api

The projects that have not yet done a Queens intermediary release are:

- aodh, ceilometer, panko
- heat-translator
- ironic-ui
- monasca-kibana-plugin, monasca-thresh
- murano-agent
- patrole
- tacker-horizon
- tripleo-quickstart
- zun, zun-ui

For some of these, it might make sense to switch to a different release model.
Some of the more mature ones may be better as "independent".

If you have any questions or problems that the release team can help with,
please come see us in the #openstack-release channel.


Sean (smcginnis)

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