Hi Sean,

thanks for the reminder. The changes for Monasca release are under way [1, 2].

Best greetings

[1] https://review.openstack.org/541767
[2] https://review.openstack.org/541776

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> Hey all,
> Sending this kind of late on a Friday, but I will also include this 
> information in
> the weekly countdown email. Just hoping to increase the chances of it
> getting seen.
> One of our release models is cycle-with-intermediary. With this type of
> project, the projects are able to do full releases at any time, with the
> commitment "to produce a release near the end of the 6-month
> development cycle to be used with projects using the other cycle-based
> release models".
> Ideally, this means these projects will have one or more releases during the
> development cycle, and will have a final release leading up to the RC1
> deadline. This "final" release is then used to cut a stable/queens branch for
> the project.
> Well, the RC1 milestone is coming up next Thursday, and we have a few
> projects following this release model that have not done any release yet for
> Queens.
> There are other projects that have done a Queens release, but it has been
> awhile since those were done, so we're not really sure if they are intended
> to be the last official release for Queens.
> For those without a release - if nothing is done in time - the release team 
> will
> need to force a release off of HEAD to be able to create the stable/queens
> branch.
> For those with old Queens releases - unless we hear otherwise, we will need
> to use the point of that last release to cut stable/queens for those repos.
> The release team would rather not be the ones to decide when projects are
> released, nor be the ones to decide what becomes stable/queens for these
> projects. Please make every effort to release and/or branch these projects
> before next Thurday's deadline.
> The projects with existing but old Queens releases are:
> - swift
> - storlets
> - monasca / monasca-log-api
> The projects that have not yet done a Queens intermediary release are:
> - aodh, ceilometer, panko
> - heat-translator
> - ironic-ui
> - monasca-kibana-plugin, monasca-thresh
> - murano-agent
> - patrole
> - tacker-horizon
> - tripleo-quickstart
> - zun, zun-ui
> For some of these, it might make sense to switch to a different release
> model.
> Some of the more mature ones may be better as "independent".
> If you have any questions or problems that the release team can help with,
> please come see us in the #openstack-release channel.
> Thanks,
> Sean (smcginnis)
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