On 18-02-09 10:10:10, Sean McGinnis wrote:
> Hello Heat team,
> The release team just recently noticed the heat-translator deliverable is
> marked as a type of "other" and is following the release-model of
> "cycle-with-intermediary".
> It appears this is actually a library though. It's hard to tell, but it is
> either a client lib or non-client lib. In either case, we need to mark it as
> such and treat its release according to that type.
> In order to stabilize requirements changes, we have two separate deadlines,
> first for non-client libs, then a week later for client libs. Since
> heat-translator appears to be a dependency used by other projects, it will 
> need
> to be subject to those release deadlines.
> Can the team clarify what type of library this is, and change the type going
> forward to accurately reflect that?
> Please let the release team know if there are any questions.

I think tacker and murano may be using it in a non-intended way (those
are the only projects I could find that's using it).


Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)

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