On 2/9/2018 10:18 AM, Matthew Thode wrote:
On 18-02-09 10:10:10, Sean McGinnis wrote:
Hello Heat team,

The release team just recently noticed the heat-translator deliverable is
marked as a type of "other" and is following the release-model of

It appears this is actually a library though. It's hard to tell, but it is
either a client lib or non-client lib. In either case, we need to mark it as
such and treat its release according to that type.

In order to stabilize requirements changes, we have two separate deadlines,
first for non-client libs, then a week later for client libs. Since
heat-translator appears to be a dependency used by other projects, it will need
to be subject to those release deadlines.

Can the team clarify what type of library this is, and change the type going
forward to accurately reflect that?

Please let the release team know if there are any questions.

I think tacker and murano may be using it in a non-intended way (those
are the only projects I could find that's using it).

Tacker worked with us on their usage so it's a known scenario.  I wasn't aware that Murano was using h-t, but if the implementation is similar to Tacker's it should be fine.

spzala knows more of the history than I do, but heat-translator, like tosca-parser, was originally a stand-alone client that has evolved into a library that can be used by other projects.  Both projects are now used as libraries by Tacker, and possibly others, in addition to having users of the command-line clients.

When we moved into the release model it was suggested that we use type "other", but I'm happy to change to whatever the appropriate release type is.  Both projects are fairly low volume at the moment, so we don't need a lot of releases.


Bob Haddleton

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