On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 7:50 AM, Graham Hayes <g...@ham.ie> wrote:
> Please please move to `availability-zone` - zone is a DNS zone (seen as
> Keystone took Domain :) ) within OSC.

As stated in another message, changing the Compute usage of --zone
makes sense for OSC 4.  Two additional things here:

* Command option names have a lesser bar to clear (compared to
resource names which must be unique) for uniqueness, as they are by
definition context-sensitive.  Like trademarks, the primary objective
is to reduce user confusion.

* --zone is really generic and I would suggest that DNS should also be
using something to qualify it.  The use of --zone in the Compute
commands pre-dates the existence of Designate by at least a coupe of
years.  Also, the Network commands use "--dns-*" to refer to anything
specifically DNS related, so for consistency, "--dns-zone" is a better



Dean Troyer

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