Hello everyone,

Last PTG the infra helproom seemed to work out for projects that knew about it. 
The biggest problem seemed to be that other projects either just weren't aware 
that there is/was an Infra helproom or didn't know when an appropriate time to 
show up would be. We are going to try a couple things this time around to try 
and address those issues.

First of all the Infra team is hosting a helproom at the Dublin PTG. Now you 
should all know :) The idea is that if projects or individuals have questions 
for the infra team or problems that we can help you with there is time set 
aside specifically for this. I'm not sure what room we will be in, you will 
have to look at the map, but we have the entirety of Monday and Tuesday set 
aside for this.

To address the second issue of not knowing when a good time would be I have put 
together a sign up sheet at https://ethercalc.openstack.org/cvro305izog2 that 
projects or individuals can use to claim specific times that we can dedicate to 
them. Currently there are 12x 1hour long slots over the course of the two days. 
If we need more slots we can probably add an extra hour to each day at the end 
of the day. If there are conflicts I'm sure we will be able to share two 
different projects in the help room during one slot (but if you schedule one of 
these let us know so we are prepared for it).

The ethercalc mentions this too but the schedule isn't supposed to be set in 
stone, we can be flexible. I just wanted to make sure there was enough 
structure this time around to make it easier for people to find the infra team 
and get the help they need.

So now you get to go and sign up and we'll see you at the PTG.

Thank you,

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