Clark Boylan wrote:
> Last PTG the infra helproom seemed to work out for projects that knew about 
> it. The biggest problem seemed to be that other projects either just weren't 
> aware that there is/was an Infra helproom or didn't know when an appropriate 
> time to show up would be. We are going to try a couple things this time 
> around to try and address those issues.
> First of all the Infra team is hosting a helproom at the Dublin PTG. Now you 
> should all know :) The idea is that if projects or individuals have questions 
> for the infra team or problems that we can help you with there is time set 
> aside specifically for this. I'm not sure what room we will be in, you will 
> have to look at the map, but we have the entirety of Monday and Tuesday set 
> aside for this.

Also worth noting that it is a "project infrastructure" helproom, in the
largest sense. It goes beyond the "Infra" team: you can bring any
question around project support from horizontal support teams like QA,
release management, requirements, stable team...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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