The top level page for projects is referenced under documentation from here:

So, I think we have that one covered for people who are just looking for the top level documentation.


On 3/13/2018 3:02 PM, Amy Marrich wrote:
I think if we're going to have that go to the development contributors section (which makes sense) maybe we should also have ways of getting to the deployment and admin docs as well?

Amy (spotz)

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            Good overview.  Thank you!

            One additional goal I want to mention on the list, for
            awareness, is the
            fact that we would like to eventually get some consistency
            to the pages
            that the 'Contributor Guide' lands on for each of the
            projects.  Needs
            to be a page that is friendly to new contributors, makes
            it easy to
            learn about the project and is not overwhelming.

            What exactly that looks like isn't defined yet but I have
            talked to
            Manila about this.  They were interested in working
            together on this.
            Cinder and Manila will work together to get something
            consistent put
            together and then we can work on spreading that to other
            projects once
            we have agreement from the SIG that the approach is agreeable.

        This is a good cross-project goal, I think. We discussed a
        similar approach
        in the docs room wrt providing templates to project teams that
        they can
        use to design their landing pages for admin, user,
        configuration docs; that
        would also include the main index page for project docs.

        As for the project-specific contributor guides,
        that any contributor content should go to
        doc/source/contributor/. This will
        allow us to use templates to generate lists of links,
        similarly to what
        we do for other content areas.


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    Good point.  I was trying to think of how to make a better landing
    page for new contributors and you may have hit on the answer. 
    RIght now when you click through from  here:
    <> You land at the top level
    Cinder documentation page which is incredibly overwhelming for a
    new person:

    If the new contributor page instead lands here:
    It would give me a page to craft for new users looking for
    information to get started.

    Thoughts on this approach?

    Kendall and Mike ... Does the above approach make sense?


    OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)

OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)

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