2018-04-05 19:26 GMT+00:00 Matthew Thode <prometheanf...@gentoo.org>:
> On 18-04-05 20:11:04, Graham Hayes wrote:
>> On 05/04/18 16:47, Matthew Thode wrote:
>> > eventlet-0.22.1 has been out for a while now, we should try and use it.
>> > Going to be fun times.
>> >
>> > I have a review projects can depend upon if they wish to test.
>> > https://review.openstack.org/533021
>> It looks like we may have an issue with oslo.service -
>> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/559144/ is failing gates.
>> Also - what is the dance for this to get merged? It doesn't look like we
>> can merge this while oslo.service has the old requirement restrictions.
> The dance is as follows.
> 0. provide review for projects to test new eventlet version
>    projects using eventlet should make backwards compat code changes at
>    this time.

But this step is currently failing. Keystone doesn't even start when
eventlet-0.22.1 is installed, because loading oslo.service fails with
its pkg definition still requiring the capped eventlet:


So it looks like we need to have an uncapped release of oslo.service
before we can proceed here.

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