On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 09:41:07AM -0700, Clark Boylan wrote:

> My understanding of our use of upper constraints was that this should
> (almost) always be the case for (almost) all dependencies.  We should
> rely on constraints instead of requirements caps. Capping libs like
> pbr or eventlet and any other that is in use globally is incredibly
> difficult to work with when you want to uncap it because you have to
> coordinate globally. Instead if using constraints you just bump the
> constraint and are done.

Part of the reason that we have the caps it to prevent the tools that
auto-generate the constraints syncs from considering these versions and
then depending on the requirements team to strip that from the bot
change before committing (assuming it passes CI).

Once the work Doug's doing is complete we could consider tweaking the
tools to use a different mechanism, but that's only part of the reason
for the caps in g-r.

Yours Tony.

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