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This is "contract" style update. New stuff will not be added to the

# Most Important

There doesn't appear to be anything new with regard to most
important. That which was important remains important. At the
scheduler team meeting at the start of the week there was talk of
working out ways to trim the amount of work in progress by using the
nova priorities tracking etherpad to help sort things out:

Update provider tree and nested allocation candidates remain
critical basic functionality on which much else is based. With most
of provider tree done, it's really on nested allocation candidates.

Yup. And that series is deadlocked on a disagreement about whether granular request groups should be "separate by default" (meaning: if you request multiple groups of resources, the expectation is that they will be served by distinct resource providers) or "unrestricted by default" (meaning: if you request multiple groups of resources, those resources may or may not be serviced by distinct resource providers).

For folk's information, the latter (unrestricted by default) is the *existing* behaviour as outlined in the granular request groups spec:

Specifically, it is Requirement 3 on the above spec that is the primary driver for this debate.

I currently have an action item to resolve this debate and move forward with a decision, whatever that may be.

# What's Changed

Quite a bit of provider tree related code has merged.

Some negotiation happened with regard to when/if the fixes for
shared providers is going to happen. I'm not sure how that resolved,
if someone can follow up with that, that would be most excellent.

Sharing providers are in a weird place right now, agreed. We have landed lots of code on the placement side of the house for handling sharing providers. However, the nova-compute service still does not know about the providers that share resources with it. This makes it impossible right now to have a compute node with local disk storage as well as shared disk resources.

Most of the placement-req-filter series merged.

The spec for error codes in the placement API merged (code is in
progress and ready for review, see below).

# Questions

* Eric and I discussed earlier in the week that it might be a good
   time to start an #openstack-placement IRC channel, for two main
   reasons: break things up so as to limit the crosstalk in the often
   very busy #openstack-nova channel and to lend a bit of momentum
   for going in that direction. Is this okay with everyone? If not,
   please say so, otherwise I'll make it happen soon.

Cool with me. I know Matt has wanted a separate placement channel for a while now.

* Shared providers status?
   (I really think we need to make this go. It was one of the
   original value propositions of placement: being able to accurate
   manage shared disk.)

Agreed, but you know.... NUMA. And CPU pinning. And vGPUs. And FPGAs. And physnet network bandwidth scheduling. And... well, you get the idea.


# Bugs

* Placement related bugs not yet in progress:
    15, -1 on last week
* In progress placement bugs:
    13, +1 on last week

# Specs

These seem to be divided into three classes:

* Normal stuff
* Old stuff not getting attention or newer stuff that ought to be
   abandoned because of lack of support
* Anything related to the client side of using nested providers
   effectively. This apparently needs a lot of thinking. If there are
   some general sticking points we can extract and resolve, that
   might help move the whole thing forward?

       VMware: place instances on resource pool
       (using update_provider_tree)

       mirror nova host aggregates to placement API

      Proposes NUMA topology with RPs

      Account for host agg allocation ratio in placement

      Spec for isolating configuration of placement database
      (This has a strong +2 on it but needs one more.)

      Support default allocation ratios

      Spec on preemptible servers

    Handle nested providers for allocation candidates

    Add Generation to Consumers

    Proposes Multiple GPU types

    Standardize CPU resource tracking

    Network bandwidth resource provider

    Propose counting quota usage from placement

# Main Themes

## Update Provider Tree

Most of the main guts of this have merged (huzzah!). What's left are
some loose end details, and clean handling of aggregates:

## Nested providers in allocation candidates

Representing nested provides in the response to GET
/allocation_candidates is required to actually make use of all the
topology that update provider tree will report. That work is in
progress at:

Note that some of this includes the up-for-debate shared handling.

## Request Filters

As far as I can tell this is mostly done (yay!) but there is a loose
end: We merged an updated spec to support multiple member_of
parameters, but it's not clear anybody is currently owning that:

## Mirror nova host aggregates to placement

This makes it so some kinds of aggregate filtering can be done
"placement side" by mirroring nova host aggregates into placement

It's part of what will make the req filters above useful.

## Forbidden Traits

A way of expressing "I'd like resources that do _not_ have trait X".
This is ready for review:

## Consumer Generations

This allows multiple agents to "safely" update allocations for a
single consumer. There is both a spec and code in progress for this:

# Extraction

Small bits of work on extraction continue on the
bp/placement-extract topic:

The spec for optional database handling got some nice support
but needs more attention:

Jay has declared that he's going to start work on the
os-resources-classes library.

I've posted a 6th in my placement container playground series:

Though not directly related to extraction, that experimentation has
exposed a lot of the areas where work remains to be done to make
placement independent of nova.

A recent experiment with shrinking the repo to just the placement
dir reinforced a few things we already know:

* The placement tests need their own base test to avoid 'from nova
   import test'
* That will need to provide database and other fixtures (such a
   config and the self.flags feature).
* And, of course, eventually, config handling. The container
   experiments above demonstrate just how little config placement
   actually needs (by design, let's keep it that way).

# Other

This is a contract week, so nothing new has been added here, despite
there being new work. Part of the intent here it make sure we are
queue-like where we can be. This list maintains its ordering from
week to week: newly discovered things are added to the end.

There are 14 entries here, -7 on last week.

That's good. However some of the removals are the result of some
code changing topic (and having been listed here by topic). Some of
the oldest stuff at the top of the list has not moved.

       Purge comp_node and res_prvdr records during deletion of

       A huge pile of improvements to osc-placement

       Add compute capabilities traits (to os-traits)

       General policy sample file for placement

       Provide framework for setting placement error codes

      Get resource provider by uuid or name (osc-placement)

      placement: Make API history doc more consistent

    Handle agg generation conflict in report client

    Slugification utilities for placement names

    Remove usage of [placement]os_region_name

    Get rid of 406 paths in report client

    Add unit test for non-placement resize

    Address issues raised in adding member_of to GET /a-c

    cover migration cases with functional tests

# End

2 runway slots open up this coming Wednesday, the 11th.

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