Steve Baker and I had a quick chat today about the work that is being done
around containers workflow in Rocky cycle.

If you're not familiar with the topic, I suggest to first read the
blueprint to understand the context here:

One of the great outcomes of this blueprint is that in Rocky, the operator
won't have to run all the "openstack overcloud container" commands to
prepare the container registry and upload the containers. Indeed, it'll be
driven by Heat and Mistral mostly.

But today our discussion extended on 2 uses-cases that we're going to
explore and find how we can address them:
1) I'm a developer and want to deploy a containerized undercloud with
customized containers (more or less related to the all-in-one discussions
on another thread [1]).
2) I'm submitting a patch in tripleo-common (let's say a workflow) and need
my patch to be tested when the undercloud is containerized (see [2] for an
excellent example).

Both cases would require additional things:
- The container registry needs to be deployed *before* actually installing
the undercloud.
- We need a tool to update containers from this registry and *before*
deploying them. We already have this tool in place in our CI for the
overcloud (see [3] and [4]). Now we need a similar thing for the undercloud.

Next steps:
- Agree that we need to deploy the container-registry before the undercloud.
- If agreed, we'll create a new Ansible role called
ansible-role-container-registry that for now will deploy exactly what we
have in TripleO, without extra feature.
- Drive the playbook runtime from tripleoclient to bootstrap the container
registry (which of course could be disabled in undercloud.conf).
- Create another Ansible role that would re-use container-check tool but
the idea is to provide a role to modify containers when needed, and we
could also control it from tripleoclient. The role would be using
the ContainerImagePrepare parameter, which Steve is working on right now.

Feedback is welcome, thanks.

[1] All-In-One thread:
[2] Bug report when undercloud is containeirzed
[3] Tool to update containers if needed:
[4] Container-check running in TripleO CI: and
Emilien Macchi
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