We've been juggling with python3, ansible and multiple distros for a while now.
That dance hasn't been fruitful: many hidden issues, either due to
ansible modules, or our own modules, or upgrade issues.

I've recently decided to simplify the python2/3 story.

Queens and all the stable branches will be python2 only (python3 will
not be used anymore, to simplify the code)

For Rocky, we plan to use as much as possible the distribution
packages for the python stack, if it's recent enough for our source
Ubuntu 16.04 will have python2, SUSE has python2, CentOS has no
appropriate package, so we are pip installing things (and using
So... If people work on Ubuntu 18.04 support, we could try a python3
only system. Nobody worked on it right now.
Same for CentOS, because there is no usage of packages, we could use
Software Collections and have centos as a python3 only system. Sadly,
nobody has the cycles to do it now.

I am expecting we'll be using/seeing a lot more python3 in the future
with S, and wish for a python3 only "S" release.
But this solely depends on the work done in R to make sure 18.04 is
ready, as this would be our example, and "stepping stone" towards both
python2 and python3.

I am not sure this answers your question, as this is more gray than a
black or white answer.
But I am hoping we'll stabilize python3 this cycle, for ubuntu 18.04
at least, and other distros as a stretch goal.

Best regards,
Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)

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