I am Aniketh Girish, a Junior year Computer Science Engineering student at
the Amrita University, Kerala, India. I’m writing to you to inquire about
the possibility to do my thesis project in accordance with the OpenStack
community and a project in the community.

I had initiated to contribute towards OpenStack a few months back. I took
some time off since I was selected to participate in Google Summer of code
with GNU Linux organization. For the last few months, I have been mainly
focusing on implementing and learning about advanced internet protocols. My
primary interest leans towards network security, with a particular interest
in the Networking protocol and cloud computing infrastructures.

A selected project in my field of interest would be when, I was selected as
a Google Summer of Code 2018, where I am working on the project Wget2 under
GNU Linux organisation. This project involves adding support for DNS over
HTTPS in Wget2. DNS over HTTPS(DoH) is a web protocol that argues for
sending DNS requests and receiving DNS responses via HTTPS connections,
hence providing query confidentiality. Therefore to provide such a name
resolution, I devised a library where I implemented the DNS protocol by
facilitating the library to create the DNS packet/request, queried A, AAAA,
CNAME records and implemented the DoH protocol by parsing the DNS wire
format from the HTTPS response body.

It is about time for me to look for a promising bachelor thesis project in
my field of interest. I would like to know if there are any possibilities
for me to work together with OpenStack in a project as a part of my thesis

Hope to hear back soon.

Aniketh Girish
Member at FOSS@Amrita <http://foss.amrita.ac.in/>
Amrita University <http://amrita.edu>
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