Hi All,

I am fixing a Bug #1261713: Volume type 'None' gives indistinguishable CLI
output (https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1261713)

Currently if any value in cinder-api response is a NoneType (i.e. NULL)
then python-cinderclient shows an entry as None in the output. This is
because of JSON parsing null to NoneType.

Please check the following cinder list output:

In the given output JSON correctly shows "volume_type" as null, but while
using python-cinderclient it converts JSON null to python NoneType which is
sometimes confusing as mentioned in the bug above.

So instead we should show the null entries as either hyphen( - ) or just a
space (  ) in the output of python-cinderclient.

Expected output of python-cinderclient in case of NoneType values for Name
and Volume_Type would be as follows:




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