cool Duc, and it's nicely started:
I also submit the etherpad, will add you as moderator once it's selected
(don't know why, but can't add any more now from the web).

Please add whatever you like to that etherpad, I will try to input more
information ASAP.
all information will continue to be used with or without that forum.

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 12:51 AM Duc Truong <> wrote:

> Hi Rico,
> I'm the Senlin PTL and would be happy to have a forum discussion in
> Berlin about the future of autoscaling.
> Can you go ahead and start an etherpad to capture the proposed agenda
> and discussion items?  Also, feel free to submit the forum submission
> so that we can get it on the schedule.
> Thanks,
> Duc (dtruong)
> On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 8:28 PM Rico Lin <>
> wrote:
>> *TL;DR*
>> *How about a forum in Berlin for discussing autoscaling integration (as a
>> long-term goal) in OpenStack?*
>> Hi all, as we start to discuss how can we join develop from Heat and
>> Senlin as we originally planned when we decided to fork Senlin from Heat
>> long time ago.
>> IMO the biggest issues we got now are we got users using autoscaling in
>> both services, appears there is a lot of duplicated effort, and some great
>> enhancement didn't exist in another service.
>> As a long-term goal (from the beginning), we should try to join
>> development to sync functionality, and move users to use Senlin for
>> autoscaling. So we should start to review this goal, or at least we should
>> try to discuss how can we help users without break or enforce anything.
>> What will be great if we can build common library cross projects, and use
>> that common library in both projects, make sure we have all improvement
>> implemented in that library, finally to use Senlin from that from that
>> library call in Heat autoscaling group. And in long-term, we gonna let all
>> user use more general way instead of multiple ways but generate huge
>> confusing for users.
>> *As an action, I propose we have a forum in Berlin and sync up all effort
>> from both teams to plan for idea scenario design. The forum submission [1]
>> ended at 9/26.*
>> Also would benefit from both teams to start to think about how they can
>> modulize those functionalities for easier integration in the future.
>> From some Heat PTG sessions, we keep bring out ideas on how can we
>> improve current solutions for Autoscaling. We should start to talk about
>> will it make sense if we combine all group resources into one, and inherit
>> from it for other resources (ideally gonna deprecate rest resource types).
>> Like we can do Batch create/delete in Resource Group, but not in ASG. We
>> definitely got some unsynchronized works inner Heat, and cross Heat and
>> Senlin.
>> Please let me know who is interesting in this idea, so we can work
>> together and reach our goal step by step.
>> Also please provide though if you got any concerns about this proposal.
>> [1]
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