Hey everyone,

During the TC meeting at the PTG we discussed the ideal way to capture
user-centric feedback; particular from our various groups like SIGs, WGs,

Options that were mentioned ranged from a wiki page to a standalone
solution like discourse.

While there is no perfect solution it was determined that Storyboard could
facilitate this. It would play out where there is a project group
openstack-uc? and each of the SIGs, WGs, etc would have a project under
this group; if I am wrong someone else in the room correct me.

The entire point is a first step (maybe final) in centralizing user-centric
feedback that does not require any extra overhead be it cost, time, or
otherwise. Just kicking off a discussion so others have a chance to chime
in before anyone pulls the plug or pushes the button on anything and we
settle as a community on what makes sense.

Kind regards,

Melvin Hillsman
mobile: (832) 264-2646
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