On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 05:30:32PM -0500, Melvin Hillsman wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> During the TC meeting at the PTG we discussed the ideal way to capture
> user-centric feedback; particular from our various groups like SIGs, WGs,
> etc.
> Options that were mentioned ranged from a wiki page to a standalone
> solution like discourse.
> While there is no perfect solution it was determined that Storyboard could
> facilitate this. It would play out where there is a project group
> openstack-uc? and each of the SIGs, WGs, etc would have a project under
> this group; if I am wrong someone else in the room correct me.
> The entire point is a first step (maybe final) in centralizing user-centric
> feedback that does not require any extra overhead be it cost, time, or
> otherwise. Just kicking off a discussion so others have a chance to chime
> in before anyone pulls the plug or pushes the button on anything and we
> settle as a community on what makes sense.
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> Melvin Hillsman

I think Storyboard would be a good place to manage SIG/WG feedback. It will
take some time before the majority of projects have moved over from Launchpad,
but once they do, this will make it much easier to track SIG initiatives all
the way through to code implementation.

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