Hi Amal,

I guess, the mailing list doesn’t accept attachments.

Could you please check if you’re using the right project? Monasca is 
multi-tenant and stores all the measurements and alarm definitions per project. 
If alarm definition is created, let’s say for project ‘admin’ and the agent is 
configured to send the measurements for project ‘customer1’, the alarm won’t 
get triggered in either of them.

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I have an issue with the monasca Agent.
In fact, I installed monasca with Openstack using devstack.
I want to minitor now the instances deployed using Openstack. For that I 
installed on each instance the monasca agent with the following link: 
The problem is that I cannot define alarms for the concerned instance.
Example on my agent:

On my monitoring system I found the alam defintion but it is not activated. 
also the instance on where the agent is running is not declared as a server on 
the monasca servers list.

Amal Kammoun.
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