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> Hi everyone:
> I was going over our governance documents, more specifically this section:
> "All project meetings are held in public IRC channels and recorded."
> Does this mean that all official projects are *required* to hold their
> project meetings over IRC?  Is this a hard requirement or is this
> something that we're a bit more 'lax about?  Do members of the
> community feel like it would be easier to hold their meetings if we
> allowed other avenues (assuming this isn't allowed?)
> Looking forward to hearing everyone's comments.

In my opinion, IRC is the best place to run meetings in OpenStack
community, however we need to acknowledge that not everyone agrees and some
functional teams or sub-teams prefer some other tools, including

What remains critical to me is:
- wherever you run the meeting, make it publicly reachable, accessible,
- if you run the meeting outside of IRC, take and share notes on public

In general: decisions shouldn't not be taken during meetings, but rather on
Gerrit or Mailing-lists. Otherwise you're fragmenting the community between
those who can attend the meeting and those who can't.

My 2 cents,
Emilien Macchi
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