Back in August [1] there was an email thread about the Paste package
being essentially unmaintained and several OpenStack projects still
using it. At that time we reached the conclusion that we should
investigate having OpenStack adopt Paste in some form as it would
take some time or be not worth it to migrate services away from it.

I went about trying to locate the last set of maintainers and get
access to picking it up. It took a while, but I've now got owner
bits for both bitbucket and PyPI and enthusiastic support from the
previous maintainer for OpenStack to be the responsible party.

I'd like some input from the community on how we'd like this to go.
Some options.

* Chris becomes the de-facto maintainer of paste and I do whatever I
  like to get it healthy and released.

* Several volunteers from the community take over the existing
  bitbucket setup [2] and keep it going there.

* Several volunteers from the community import the existing
  bitbucket setup to OpenStack^wOpenDev infra and manage it.

What would people like? Who would like to volunteer?

At this stage the main piece of blocking work is a patch [3] (and
subsequent release) to get things working happily in Python 3.7.


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