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Ed Leafe wrote:
On Oct 15, 2018, at 7:40 AM, Chris Dent <cdent...@anticdent.org> wrote:

I'd like some input from the community on how we'd like this to go.

I would say it depends on the long-term plans for paste. Are we planning on weaning ourselves off of paste, and simply need to maintain it until that can be completed, or are we planning on encouraging its use?

Agree with Ed... is this something we plan to minimally maintain because we depend on it, something that needs feature work and that we want to encourage the adoption of, or something that we want to keep on life-support while we move away from it?

That is indeed the question. I was rather hoping that some people
who are using paste (besides Keystone) would chime in here with what
they would like to do.

My preference would be that we immediately start moving away from it
and keep paste barely on life-support (a bit like WSME which I also
somehow managed to get involved with despite thinking it is horrible).

However, that's not easy to do because the paste.ini files have to
be considered config because of the way some projects and
deployments use them to drive custom middleware and the ordering of
middleware. So we're in for at least a year or so.

My assumption is that it's "something we plan to minimally maintain because we depend on it". in which case all options would work: the exact choice depends on whether there is anybody interested in helping maintaining it, and where those contributors prefer to do the work.

Thus far I'm not hearing any volunteers. If that continues to be the
case, I'll just keep it on bitbucket as that's the minimal change.

My concern with that is my aforementioned feelings of "it is
horrible". It might be better if someone who actually appreciates
Paste was involved as well.

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