Corey Bryant <> wrote on 10/15/2018 05:34:24 PM:
> From an ubuntu perspective, ubuntu is going to support stein on 18.
> 04 LTS (3.6) and 19.04 (3.7) only.

So folks with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS compute nodes will have to upgrade them all
to 18.04 before upgrading to Stein? Of course this would be a distro
statement, and would not preclude someone from building their own
environment from source/pypi on Ubuntu 16.04. And 16.04 is still pretty
heavily used, right?

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is not supported on PowerVM compute nodes, so the PowerVM
CI will not be able to switch to running under py3 if code that doesn't
work in py35 is introduced. At least until RHEL 8 comes out, at which point
we could switch to using that in our CI. But please don't allow such
changes before the RHEL 8 release.
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