Let's also think of removing puppet-tripleo from the base container.
It really brings the world-in (and yum updates in CI!) each job and each container! So if we did so, we should then either install puppet-tripleo and co on the host and bind-mount it for the docker-puppet deployment task steps (bad idea IMO), OR use the magical --volumes-from <a-side-car-container> option to mount volumes from some "puppet-config" sidecar container inside each of the containers being launched by docker-puppet tooling.

On 10/31/18 6:35 PM, Alex Schultz wrote:

So this is a single layer that is updated once and shared by all the
containers that inherit from it. I did notice the same thing and have
proposed a change in the layering of these packages last night.


In general this does raise a point about dependencies of services and
what the actual impact of adding new ones to projects is. Especially
in the container world where this might be duplicated N times
depending on the number of services deployed.  With the move to
containers, much of the sharedness that being on a single host
provided has been lost at a cost of increased bandwidth, memory, and
storage usage.


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Bogdan Dobrelya,
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