I've seen several disconnected messages about tags in commit messages. I've 
seen what is possible with the DocImpact tag, and I'd like to have some more 
flexible tagging things too. I'd like to use tags for things like keeping track 
of config defaults changing, specific ongoing feature work, and tracking 
changes come release time.

I put together a little commit hook this afternoon. 
https://gist.github.com/notmyname/8174779 I think it would be nice to integrate 
this into jeepyb and gerrit. My script isn't much more than the code to parse a 
commit message (and I've only tested it against a test repo), but I think the 
mechanics already present in something like notify_impact.py (in jeepyb) may 
take care of common actions like filing bugs and emailing a list of people.


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