On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 8:12 AM, John Dickinson <m...@not.mn> wrote:
> I've seen several disconnected messages about tags in commit messages. I've 
> seen
> what is possible with the DocImpact tag, and I'd like to have some more 
> flexible tagging
> things too. I'd like to use tags for things like keeping track of config 
> defaults changing,
> specific ongoing feature work, and tracking changes come release time.

I suspect I'm the last person to have touched this code, and I think
expanding tags is a good idea. However, I'm not sure if its the best
mechanism possible -- if a reviewer requires a tag to be added or
changed, it currently requires a git review round trip for the
developer or their proxy. Is that too onerous if tags become much more

I definitely think some more formal way of tracking that a given patch
needs to be covered by the release notes is a good idea.

There are currently two hooks that I can see in our gerrit config:

 - patchset-created
 - change-merged

I suspect some tags should be "executed" at patchset-merged? For
example a change to flag defaults might cause a notification to be
sent to interested operators?

Perhaps step one is to work out what tags we think are useful and at
what time they should execute?


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